ÖSTEK has rotors that fit most makes and models.

    Heat exchanger rotors

    Full-length wound and sectorised, with the diameter size and number of sectors of your choice. Non-hygroscopic or hygroscopic design. Flute thickness 1.60/1.70/1.90/2.50 mm. Foil thickness 0.12/0.10/0.08/0.07 mm. Coated rotors for various environments.

    Replacement rotors

    We adapt the rotors to the existing chassis, regardless of make. Choice of size, sectorisation, spokes, hub, axle and bearings in order to obtain an optimal exchange and minimise assembly time.

    Special rotors

    Rotors for industrial environments, high temperatures and high humidity transfer. Rotor structure with reduction of bacteria and odour transmission. Rotors adapted to coating facilities and for marine applications.
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