Plate and cross-flow heat exchangers


    Cross-flow cells that can handle up to 80°C

    Sizes from 200 x 200 to 1200 x 1200, with lamina space from 1.8 to 14 mm, which can be combined in terms of length and volume. Thanks to double-folded edges (5 times the thickness of the material) a dense and strong construction is achieved.

    Cross-flow heat exchangers

    Complete heat exchangers, available with bypass, damper and casing.
    Korsströmsväxlare för industri

    Industrial cross-flow heat exchangers

    Standard cross-flow heat exchanger that can handle up to 300°C

    Counterflow heat exchangers

    Solid design with double-folded edges that allow for a dense and strong construction in 9 different sizes - GS18 to GS110.
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