The company


  • has a comprehensive product range for ventilation system energy recycling. We market known and respected brands such as Klingenburg and Emotron.

  • by way of our expert co-workers, ÖsTek represents an extensive experience in this industry.

  • we have a wide range of expertise and efficient routines, which makes us an excellent partner when it comes to energy recycling.

  • oiur strength lies in the production of high-quality customised components with speedy delivery.

  • we have national service agreements for all guarantees and service commitments.

  • we develop data-calculating performance for optimal finances in projecting and operations.

  • for many years, we have had a close cooperation with several trade associations, which has led to a wide range of knowledge within this area. All this, along with our flexibility, guarantees the very best service for our clients.



Soliditet has awarded Östek AB the credit rating tripple A.

    Adress: ÖsTek AB, Box 45, S-748 21 Österbybruk Besöksadress & kontor: Kvarngatan 11 A Verkstad: Martinvägen 15 B Telefon: 0295-211 15